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Do you wanna face the heat?

–AT!Toriel's "bad time" equivalent

Toriel is the lazy sentry of the Underground and the first monster Frisk meets outside of the Ruins. Silly and fun, she helps guide Frisk through Snowdin and Asgore’s wacky puzzles.[1]


Like the canon Sans, Toriel isn't a boss monster, can teleport, only has 1HP/1ATK/1DEF, can summon Dreemurr Beamers (Gaster Blaster equivalents) and is fully aware of the timelines. But she cannot use the blue SOUL mode, instead, she uses the orange SOUL mode when in battle.



She sometimes calls Asgore “Az” or “Gori”, and reads him bedtime stories. When Asriel disappeared, Asgore and Toriel were still kids. To Asgore, it was as if they’d never had a father and that it’s always been him taking care of himself and Toriel. And so, he raised her for most of her life, introducing her to various puzzles (which she was extremely good at), how to utilize her fireballs, Orange Mode, and how to be as awesome as he was.


Asriel created her in a lab after Asgore. She is the only one who remembers him, he seldom appears before her, but never says anything, and the look of his blank, eerie grin and damaged face is unsettling and sometimes haunts her.

She also can summon Dreemurr Beamers that are likely invented by Asriel.


Toriel is very lazy. Instead of having Sans’ depression, she suffers mostly from anxiety. She has a slight motherly side, and easily flustered. She likes puns, sudoku, baking pies, and whipped cream.


  • She speaks in all lowercase like Undertale Sans, but she uses the Determination font.
  • When Frisk first meets her, she shoves a pie in their face.
  • Instead of a pet rock, she has a pet snail named Slimey.
  • The Annoying Dog lives with Toriel and Asgore.
  • She sells pie slices at her illegal pie stand.
  • During the last bit of Toriel’s battle, instead of slamming you into walls repeatedly, she completely surrounds you with giant fireballs and hurls them at you all at once. You won't die regardless of what HP you may be at, but it’d be the last major attack she can deal before she falls asleep.
  • When she kills the protagonist, she says, “geeettt roasteeeddd!!!


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