Asgore Dreemur is swapped with the role of Papyrus in Altertale.

He is a young and charismatic fluffy bun who dreams of becoming a royal guard. He is pure in heart and kind to everyone he meets.


  • Papyrus personality prevails over the original Asgore personality.
  • He was created in a lab.
  • Is about 25 years old.
  • Son of Asriel, and the older brother of Toriel.
  • Attacks with fireballs and Orange Mode.
  • Refers to himself as " THE AMAZING ASGORE!!!".
  • Uses his standard font, but all uppercase.
  • Loves to bake scones and drink tea.
  • He loves puzzles and Junior Jumble.
  • He loves bedtime stories.
  • Doesn't like puns.
  • Screams a lot.
  • Is not a boss monster.
  • Often calls Toriel "Tori".
  • Trains with Undyne a lot.
  • He wears purple, instead of the typical Papyrus red.
  • In the Genocide Route, instead of being beheaded, his throat is deeply slit.
  • His bed is a purple convertible, and he gets a real one at the end of a Pacifist Route.
  • When their father disappeared, Asgore and Toriel were still children. To Asgore, it was as if they’d never had father and it’s always been him taking care of himself and Toriel,so he raised her for most of her life, introducing her to various puzzles (which she was extremely good at), teaching her how to utilize her fireballs and ORANGE MODE. Even so, over the yeart there have been occasions where Asgore has felt something… or someone, was missing from his life. He couldn’t figure out who or what it was, and would simply disregard it every time.